Explain Mac Computer Disposal

Mac computers are a series of Macontish personal computers which were launched by the brand name of computers and iPhone Apple inc., in 1984. The classically used computers have complicated operating system which may not be easy to be used by everyone. The excellent quality,  technology, built in protection without any third-party anti virus software, attractive make and easy to use "MAC OS X" operating system make Mac computers preferred choice of users over other Window counterparts. These computers are mainly used in word processing, video and music play, internet access and all other activities a common PC does. The rising competition between other PC companies makes it difficult for the buyer to select the best one. Whereas Mac computers are only manufactured by Apple Inc., thus minimizing the quest of buyers to select the right one PC for them. Although after a long term usage, these systems may get errors or malfunctioning and may get broken accidentally. It is necessary to follow a secure process for Mac computer disposal.

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Old computers must be disposed of

Old and broken Mac computers and all the e-wastes must be disposed and recycled properly. The harmful chemicals, toxic substances and hazardous metals used in manufacturing a computer contaminate the air, water and soil when are thrown in garbage. Metals like chromium, lead, mercury and cadmium can cause serious health hazards like cancer. Costly metals used in computers like gold, silver and platinum which can be reused and claimed. The metal parts of the computer body can be recycled and used in manufacture of new products. According to EPA(Environmental Protection Agency, USA), around 60 million tonnes of e-waste is generated on global levels every year. Many states have formulated requisite laws to ban e-waste in landfills.

How to dispose of a Mac professionally

The proper disposal of a broken Mac computer is to be ensured in order to avoid any harms to environment and nature. It also confirms the right use of valuable parts of the computer. If it is impossible to fix the broken computer, the Mac user can return it to the Apple store from which he purchased it. Apple has launched Apple recycling program to recycle the old, not in use and broken Mac computers. Apple offers a store credit and a gift card for dropping off an old or broken Mac computer if it is still valuable. Some users drop off their devices for free as well. The Mac user can deliver it to the Apple store by himself or can dispatch the broken Mac by post as well.

Data must be erased safely

Before dispatching or delivering the broken computer, the user must erase and back up all the data from the system, if possible. Or a request can be made to the company to erase all the data before recycling process. The company separates all the important parts from the system which can be recycled, reused and securely disposes all the harmful wastes. Local municipality and local e-waste processing companies can be contacted to dispose all kind of computers which are no longer in use. Computers with small errors, malfunctioning can be repaired and gifted as a charity to institutions, underprivileged students and schools. Computer disposal company uses all the valuable parts and may ship those parts to other locations for secure recycling process. Those companies have organised processing systems to dispose harmful materials of a broken computer.

A wise decision to undergo proper recycling of the broken and old computers helps to lessen the harms caused by e-wastes on nature and environment. It facilitates green Earth revolution, maintains pollution free environment and ensures right usage of the old materials.