5 Best External Hard Drives for Personal Use

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External hard drives are highly recommended as they facilitate the storage of large amounts of data. The storage space of most external hard drives cannot be compared to the little space available in laptops and tablets.

Hard drives are also an excellent alternative for storing extra files such as videos and photos, as well as back up information. Below are some of the best external hard drives available in the market for you today.

  1. Toshiba Canvio Basics 2 TB

This hard drive remarkably serves its purpose. Its practicality stands out, thus covering for its ordinary appearance. The Toshiba Canvio hard drive is of great value as it offers a significant amount of space which is 2 TB. Its average read speed is between 100 and 112 Megabytes per second.

  1. Seagate Backup Plus Slim

The Seagate external hard drives come with different storage space, varying from 1TB, 2TB, 4TB to 5TB. They offer great value for money as they are speedy and reliable. It is one of the most popular hard drives out there and can be used with either Mac or any other PC. Although Seagate drives have the reliability that is considered to be less than average, they are very affordable. Its data transfer rate is around 100 MB per second.

  1. WD MyPassport 4TB

This Digital hard drive has a storage capacity of 4TB. It comes with a warranty of three years and hardware encryption. Its read and write speed varies between 110 and 115 MP per second.

  1. Buffalo MiniStation Extreme NFC

This hard drive offers extreme security encryption. This means that it can use a communication device to unlock. It is quite weighty as compared to other drives as it weighs a considerable 230g. However, its read speed is 120 MB per second and has a drive speed of 7200rpm.

  1. LaCie Porsche Design 1 TB

This LaCie hard drive contains a USB-C port which facilitates faster connectivity. It functions best when used with a new MacBook. This amazing drive reads and writes data at a speed of approximately 130 MB per second.

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