Mobile Phone Encryption: Good or Bad

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Mobile encryption is good and critical for protecting your private data. Due to advancement I technology people are gaining unauthorized access to private information that we may have stored in our mobile devices Without proper protection, this information can be accessed by the unauthorized hands easily. If users sensitive details is breached can cause significant problems. For example, many people are storing copies of their insurance details, driver’s license, employer data, bank account information, social security card, pictures and passwords on their phones. Additionally, many people after applying for loans, instead of faxing, they prefer taking pictures of important financial documents and email them directly to the requester, but forget to delete them from their phone. This best critical step you can make is encrypting your data.

Benefits of encryption

Encryption offers a lot of benefits than just preventing an unauthorized person from accessing data from your cell phone.

  • Encrypting takes security to another level making private information on your mobile device unreadable.┬áIf the attackers break through your phone, they will still be unable to read your data. Encryption makes almost every private info in your device to appear unbreakable and safe.
  • There are many encryption options for your phone Some applications enable you to encrypt your texts or outgoing calls, and also there are applications that allow you to receive or send encrypted email using the OpenPGP standard. This is good to familiarize your self with these various options to apply a form of security measure that protects your critical information.
  • The best-used encryption algorithm for encrypting is Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). U.S. government has used as a symmetric encryption algorithm since 2001. This is widely recognized as an unbreakable encryption algorithm.


One concern about encrypting device information is that sometimes can take longer to log in because encryption takes place each time. On some electronic media, once you decide to encrypt your phone, there is no way to change It rather than factory resetting your phone, and this can be a cumbersome process.

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