Recovery Issues with Apple’s 2018 Macbook Pro

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How Data Recovery Worked with Previous the Macbook Pro

Apple’s Macbook Pro laptops have long had an issue where the SSDs were soldered to the mother board — this meant that they could not be removed from the laptop if it broke, so the data would not be able to be recovered.

To combat this flaw, Apple had a tool which allowed users to import this data and prevent them from losing their data when their laptop fails. This worked by having a ‘recovery’ port, allowing users to plug in a cable and recover the data from their Macbook pro to another device.

The Current Problem

However, the recently-released new Macbook Pro laptops have removed this data recovery port entirely. This is baffling, as if your Apple laptop breaks and the SSD still works, you are completely incapable of recovering any of the data from it. On top of this, other first and third party data recovery tools have been shown to be incompatible with the newest model of the laptops.

Although, if the laptop is broken but it is still functioning on some level, the data can be recovered using a tool that Apple provides, and backed up on another compatible Apple device.

Why Does It Exist?

The problem occurs because Apple’s new chips use SSD encryption. If a port was included on the laptop, the data on the SSD would be encrypted and impossible to access, making recovering it completely useless. The extra layer of encryption and protection of data provided by the newer models, ironically, will make it more difficult to access in the event of some kind of malfunction to the product.

Apple recommend that you back up your data frequently using their provided Time Machine service. While this does not directly remedy the problem, it will mean that if your laptop does fail, all of the data on your SSD from a fairly recent time will be backed up. While this is far from representing an ideal solution, it is a solution nonetheless.

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