Your guide to the top 5 USB-C flash drives in 2018

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Cloud storage is rising in today’s tech-driven world like never. Almost everyone is buying memory in The cloud to store their data and share It with others. But while technology is all about new trends, there are still some things from The past that makes complete sense to use. USBs are one such thing that is still very useful in sharing large sized files with one another through a completely safe and secure mechanism.

The latest in them are the 3.0, which is so fast that they can compete with external hard-discs in all aspects such as speed and portability. So if speed, security and value for money are your top parameters, here is our list of The top five USB drives that you can add to your collection in 2018.

SanDisk Extreme Pro 128 GB Drive


The SanDisk Extreme Pro USB drive offers unmatched speed of 420 Mbps on The reading end and 380 Mbps on The writing end. This makes The SanDisk Pro four times faster than any ordinary USB 3.0 flash Drive. This flash drive comes with an aluminium casing that is very sleek, durable and eye-catching. So, if there is one USB flash drive that you can flaunt on your next business meeting to a conference, The SanDisk Extreme Pro is The one that matches this definition.


Silicon Power C80 64GB flash Drive

The Silicon Power C80 is one of The most suitable flash drives for Macbooks. This flash drive comes with a two-face interface with USB Type A and Type C ports on The two ends of this compact device. This flash drive also features a 360-degree swivel cap that attaches easily to different types of keychains and also protects The connector that is not being used at any given point in time. The beauty of The Silicon Power C80 is that It does not need any special or specific drivers to run. Using It is very simple by plugging into a port and It is ready to go.



Farsler 32GBThumb Drive

The Farsler 32 GB is one of The Best lines of fingerprint-accessed flash Thumb drives in The market. It is marketed perfectly between high speed and high capacity and has an extremely affordable price point. This flash drive has a Fingerprint sensor that is programmed via an inclusive software. It is also highly compatible with any other USB 3.0 device, so ca be used with a large number of devices.


Corsair flash 64-bit flash drive

If you want to go above and beyond with safety of your data, The rugged Corsair flash 64-bit USB flash drive is made for you. It comes with high-grade aluminum housing and has an exterior made of a moulded collar. This drive is literally meant to take anything you throw at It and come out of it.



Samsung 32GB Metal flash Drive

If you accidently forget things in yoru pocket and they go through a complete cycle of laundry in your house, you perhaps need one of The most durable USB flash drives in The market – The Samsung 32GB metal flash drive. It comes with a durable metal casing, which makes The flash drive shockproof, waterproof and magnetproof and also highly resistant to high temperatures.


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